Growing up in Boston - by Rick Kaplan

May 19, 2017 - Front Section
Rick Kaplan, NEREJ

Massachusetts was a great place to grow up. Places have changed. Some for the better, some not so much. I have some of the best memories of growing up in the Boston area. Some of the places I grew up going with my family and friends are still in existence today. Some places are better, some are worse.

Some great memories of Downtown Crossing Shopping with my parents, walking by all of the stores looking in at all the windows that had set up scenes for the season or holiday, sitting at the Woolworth restaurant counter eating ice cream sundaes or burgers while my parents shopped. It was always great walking to Haymarket for fresh vegetables and fruit my father picking up small cucumbers to make great half sour pickles. The area changed from blue collar to professionals but the Downtown Crossing area is still a good shopping area  and Haymarket is still great place buy produce. 

I always remember driving over the Northern Ave. Bridge in my father’s station wagon with all the windows down and getting hit with the strong fish smell. The South Boston Fish Pier now known as the Seaport District has had the biggest transformation. Now that area has been redeveloped with high end condominiums, fancy apartments and 5-star hotels. I could go on and on about some of the other area’s of the city and suburbs I spent time. I think you probably get the idea times have changed but they leave memories for ever.

Many cities and towns around the country have seen things change for the better. The one thing that I miss about the city and the suburbs is the true neighborhood feeling, a developer that can make that happen will be a hero to me.  I’m glad that some places that I have memories as a kid are still around. 

I know things have to change but it is great to think back and remember places you had grown up. Let me know places that you have good memories of as a kid.

Rick Kaplan is the event coordinator at the New England Real Estate Journal, Norwell, Mass.


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