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June 28, 2019 - Retail

Retail Transformation: How Technology Influences Design

During Cuhaci & Peterson’s 40 year history, we have expanded our service offerings from purely architecture to a full menu of A/E/P services, as we strive to deliver relevant solutions to our clients amidst a transforming retail landscape. As the industry continues to integrate technology, retailers must not only consider what consumers demand, but how their brand can embrace these innovations authentically. We are working with an extensive group of tech partners to expand our capabilities and understanding of how design will integrate this technological evolution into the store of the future, as well as, how it we can share this knowledge with our clients in the most beneficial ways.

How will technology change store design?

The current transformation that retail is experiencing, both in customer expectation and retailer offering, will undoubtedly influence the future of store design. Experiential retail is what consumers crave and technological advances are enabling retailers to provide it. Yet, it seems each retailer is solving this tech equation in their own way. Some are adding microfulfillment capabilities to improve efficiencies; others are shrinking their prototypical footprint in order to expand upon drive-up and delivery capabilities, or even taking out checkout lanes all together in favor of frictionless options. The blurring of lines between the various store platforms will require organizations to leverage a diverse ecosystem of resources.

How are retail developments adapting to the current retail transformation?

Specific retailer needs are just one part of this evolution. Developers also have a role to play. Multiple developer clients of the firm are working closely with our design and permitting teams to layout experiential components within their developments, like green space and entertainment venues.

Arguably, retail as we know it is going through a metamorphosis that will shape retail design for years to come. It’s an exciting time, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with our retailer and developer clients on a nationwide scale.



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