Professional Profile: King Upton 1966

King Upton - 1966

Name: King Upton - 1966

Company: The First National Bank of Boston

Location: Boston, Mass.

Birthplace: Salem, Mass. – 1909

Education: Prep. School; Harvard University (B.A. – Cum Laude ’33) Member: Mortgage Bankers of America (Board of Governors & Executive Committee); Cambridge Savings bank (Treasurere); Robert B. Brigham Hospital (Past-President & Director); Old Colony Trust Co. (Vice President & Chrm. Real Estate Comm); GBREB (Past Board Director); and Buckingham School in Cambridge (President). In 1937, through the Depression, King worked at the Post Office Square Co., which managed the huge 10 Post Office Square Building. He later became Treasurer of that company. “In those days, the average rental was $2.25 per s/f in Boston – In you got $1.75, you were in,” said King. The year 1941 saw King Upton enter the Navy where he served in the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean on escort destroyers. He emerged as an escort captain and full Lt. Commander. King adjusted to civilian life in the First National Bank of Boston’s Real Estate Dept., and by 1954, was appointed Vice President of the Bank. “Our operation in hydra-headed in three directions,” King said. “We carry the regular portfolio of loans; local and national construction loans; plus we finance mortgage banking companies’ inventories in transit.” Though King spends 8-10 weeks per year traveling throughout the deep South and the far West, he made a point of saying, “New England is our first love, and Boston is well on its way up – just look at the skyline.” He also sees New England in the midst of a boom, which other areas have already experienced, and he noted that, “Boston has got to get a redistribution of taxes in order to make its real estate healthier.” King represents “an aggressive kender” who has financed the North and South Shore shopping centers, and Milton Green’s N.E. Shopping Center. King’s spare time is spent in Cambridge with his wife “Tish” and their two children.