Professional Profile: Rubin Epstein 1967

Rubin Epstein - 1967

Name: Rubin Epstein - 1967

Title: President

Company: City Bank & Trust Company

Location: Boston, Mass.

Birthplace: Boston, 1907

EDUCATION: English High After several years in the used car business and several more as an adjustor tor Globe Discount co., Ruby became vice president and manager of American Finance Corp, in 1934. In 1937, he formed his own company Which would become Atlantic Corp., (a mortgage and development company today managed by his two sons- In -law). After 20 years in the private lending business, Mr. Epstein felt a need existed in Boston for a new commercial bank (there had not been a new one for 2.5 years). “At that time, the early and mid-fifties, banks were realizing the value of personal loans and were entering this field. I felt that if banks could get into the finance business, we should go into the banking business - which we did in 1957 with assets of about $1 million. Today the bank reports over $47 milllon.” The bank plans to construct a new five-story drive-in bank during 1967. Epstein is president of City, a director at Beacon co-operative, president of the Brookline Hospital, director of Mister Donut; trustee of B’nai B’rith Realty Lodge, among his many activities. He is married with 2 daughters and his hobbles include golf, tennis and squash. His secret to banking success, “I always try to put myself in the other fellow’s shoes.”