Professional Profile: William King 2002

William King - 2002

Name: William King - 2002

Title: Appraiser/Consultant

Company: W.H. King Realty & Associates

Location: West Brookfield, MA

Birthplace: Worcester, MA

Education: B.S., University of Mass. Amherst: M.S., Cornell University. Services: Appraisal and consulting of land and farms. Clients: Mass. land acquisition agencies (DEM, DPW, APR; farmers’ land trusts, town conservation commissions.) Most interesting appraisal: Appraised 700 acres of land and improvements in three towns; involved flood plain land, residential, commercial and industrial. Business philosophy: Provide quality services to the public and private sectors. Make positive changes and practice the Golden Rule. Current business/future changes: Real estate activity is up somewhat from 1991 in central Mass. This is due to sales below $150,000. Large acreages have a very limited market today so land prices will be negatively affected as long as the recession continues. Better limes are a year or two away. The real estate appraising business is recession proof, so my business and others are on the upswing.