2015 Annual Review responses by Steven Gilmore of ServiceMaster by Gilmore SRM

December 25, 2015 - Front Section
Steven Gilmore, ServiceMaster by Gilmore Steven Gilmore, ServiceMaster by Gilmore
Respondent’s Name: Steven Gilmore Company: ServiceMaster by Gilmore SRM What was your greatest professional accomplishment in 2015? Hands down, our greatest accomplishment of 2015 was getting service to our customers when they needed us most during the ice dam catastrophe this winter. Our clients were inundated with frozen pipes, sprinkler head breaks, fires and ice dams and everyone needed service at the same time. I am especially proud of our managers and the men and women on our production team and their fierce dedication to our customers in commercial and residential real estate management. They worked 7 days a week, sometimes around the clock for months to make sure our customers got the help they needed.        


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