COVID-19 and business interruption: Are you and your business covered? - by Spencer Macalaster

Emerging in Wuhan, a city in China’s Hubei province, in late December, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a never-before-seen respiratory illness, ihas swept through the country, already infecting hundreds of thousands there, according to the Centers for Disease Control. While the Chinese New Year holiday break that started on Jan. 24 was set to end a customary week later on Jan. 30, Beijing’s State

Battleground selection for resolving real estate disputes - by Christopher Kenney

As any party to a lawsuit soon learns, it is expensive to fight. Real estate development, with the confluence of property rights, contract rights, and tort risks,

Southern Maine’s industrial real estate market has been historically consistent - by Justin Lamontagne

Until the last two weeks, the industrial market in Southern Maine was humming along and I wrote the article below to reflect that. However, like the rest of

Rhode Island CRE market maintains steady momentum with limited new supply - by Pete Hayes, Steve Flachbart and Matt Fair

The overall economy in Rhode Island showed consistency in 2019. The state gained 1,700 jobs from January 2019 to January 2020 and the unemployment rate decreased

Spring 2020 overview - The industrial real estate market meets the COVID-19 threat - by David Skinner

Two weeks ago we heard about some illnesses being passed around China and South Korea. One week ago we were seeing some international travel restrictions. This week has seen a majority of

Appraisal experts foresee a strong 2020 for the appraisal industry - by Thomas Sweeney and David Widmann

Appraisal experts foresee a strong 2020 for the appraisal industry. The profession continues to evolve, and so does the demand for different types of appraisals.

The coronavirus has put a tourniquet on the life blood of our country - by Dennis Serpone

Stay calm, my friends. This will pass, and you’ll be fine.  Everyone is dealing with this health dilemma in their own way...except when mandates

Everyone must prepare for a future when new opportunities present themselves - by David O'Sullivan

The air is getting warmer and the signs of spring are around us. We have sprung ahead with the clocks and we were all looking forward to a new season. Unfortunately things in the world don’t seem so

2019 was the most productive in my career, and a healthy one for the state as a whole - by Bryan Wright

As I look back on 2019, I realize it was not only the most productive year in my career, but a healthy one for New Hampshire as a whole. Landlords and tenants

Top 1031 exchange mistakes and pitfalls and how to avoid them - by Lynne Bagby

Real estate investors in New England who are doing a 1031 tax deferred exchange transaction sometimes find that they have an unexpected or unplanned issue that could obstruct their ability to successfully