Cybercrime Insurance – Pro-active protection from the inevitable - by John Torvi

In the good old days, the two sure things were said to be death and taxes. In today’s world, should we be adding the inevitability of cybercrime? To help answer that question, let’s look some numbers: The estimated annual cost of cybercrime is $400,000,000,000. Yes, that is billions.

Celebrating 38 years in business - by Dennis Serpone

Statistically they say that most businesses fail before their 5th year. Very few business last 10 years. We must be an anomaly. 

City of Warwick continues to offer an array of business, travel and development opportunities - by Scott Avedisian

Warwick, Rhode Island’s second largest community offers the convenience of city living with a small-town feel and a number of opportunities to help your business grow and succeed. Located in the heart of Southern New England,

Quonset Business Park: Creating jobs for Rhode Island - by Steven King

Quonset Business Park is increasingly seen as a key driver of job creation and economic growth in Rhode Island. It is now home to over 11,800 full-time and part-time jobs at more than 200 companies. Its Port of Davisville is one of

Chittenden County Vermont experiencing growth and development - by Doug Nedde

Chittenden County has experienced a flurry of development in the last two years with the majority of growth occurring in the retail and residential rental markets. One of the major projects is the development of 60 acres of waterfront

New Hampshire industrial market 2018 - by Mike Harrington

The state of the industrial market in New Hampshire continues to remain strong across most property types. The overall trend for 2018 is predicted to show a decrease in vacancy and an increase in asking rents. The most robust

Rhode Island industrial market - by Peter Scotti

With the exception of the Central and West Bay submarket cluster, industrial rental rates have continued to increase from 2016 and vacancy rates have decreased resulting in investor optimism about future rental increases. This

Southern Maine industrial snapshot - by Justin Lamontagne

The incessant pressure on industrial supply continued in 2017 to the point where, today, we are out of space. The data I’ve been tracking for almost a decade reflects far more than an interesting trend or anomaly. I believe this is an

Getting an electrical contractor involved up front is a smart move - by John Sloane

Your company is growing out of its existing office space, and you probably have mixed feelings about it.  The time has come to look for a larger space that fits with your vision of the company will see your company through the next phase of its growth and development.

Winter wonderland of claims: Northeast winters are nasty, brutish, and last far too long - by Jonathan Berman

In Leviathan, renowned English philosopher Thomas Hobbes describes life in it’s most primal form as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” His description would be applicable to winter in the Northeast if he excluded one word…“short.”