BOMA Boston update - The 2018 TOBY and Industry Awards

Boston, MA On October 18th, the BOMA Boston Emerging Professionals hosted a Behind the Scenes tour of the Innovative Design Building in Bost...

Markets will respond to good data and participants with strong due diligence and analysis will excel - by Brett Pelletier

Financial markets are based on a fundamental principal of trust. Trust that borrowers will repay loans, depositors will leave their deposits, and contracts are enforceable, and enforced. Without trust and confidence, things can start to fall apart.

Southern New Hampshire retail market: Continued growth into 2019 - by Andrew Levy

Another summer has gone by and New Hampshire is ushering in fall’s crisp cool air after what seemed like a very hot and wet summer. Soon the leaves will change colors and cover our lawns so get out the rakes, and enjoy the weather before

Can economy continue to grow, when businesses can’t find workers & workers can’t find housing? - by David O’Sullivan

The air is cooler and leaves are starting to turn and everyone is talking about what will happen with the upcoming election. So what can we expect for this fall in our industry? The stock market is on a roller coaster ride and the world economy is

With planning, 1031 tax-deferred exchanges provide investors with great opportunities - by Brendan Greene

Thinking of selling a commercial property, a multi-family or other investment property and buying a retirement home or a second home in the mountains or where the weather is warmer?  With a little 1031 tax-deferred planning, you could be

The market is becoming very challenging for the large number of users looking to lease space - Kristie Kyzer

The story for the New Hampshire market has been on repeat all year – the commercial real estate market is tightening! In both the office and industrial markets, occupancy rates continue to rise, while rents remain consistent.

Well-located retail vacant space is quickly gobbled up by independents or chains -by Dennis Serpone

The most recent issue of the Nation’s Restaurant News, reports, “The third quarter of 2018 was relatively strong for the restaurant industry. Same-store sales were up 1.2% in September, the fourth consecutive month of growth. The industry had

Architects, CAD operators, PMs, estimators and planners have become valued commodities - by Charles Reilly

2018 has seen the continuation of an aggressive commercial construction market that has been robust for the past five years. A major byproduct of the market intensity results in capacity issues that significantly affect the commercial

The property management industry is only getting better and stronger - by Christopher Mellen

As I reported in my early 2018 articles the industry is better and stronger than it has ever been in recent years.  The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Standing at roughly the 3rd quarter, it seems that what we’ve gotten so far

The current insurance marketplace continues to be favorable for the insurance buyer - by Spencer Macalaster

2017 and into 2018 the catastrophic weather and fire events have been significant, with major hurricanes hitting Texas, Florida and the Caribbean, major fires in California, an earthquake in Mexico, Florence hitting North Carolina and Michael