The morphing of real estate occupancies and its impact on risk management - by Spencer Macalaster

Having sat on the board of directors for the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, we are intimately aware of the social, financial and employee impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Boston’s commercial real estate district. Foot traffic has dropped to unprecedented

Seven trends in this period of time that feels like limbo - by David Skinner

I caught up with a good friend of mine in the industrial brokerage community who has built an extremely effective practice of selling “rough” industrial buildings, and we enjoyed talking about the trends and “off the record” conversations with buyers

Year-end reminders for commercial real estate - by Michael Chase

Happy new year! It may only be the end of October, but for commercial mortgage practitioners with loan closings that can take between forty-five to sixty days, it might as well already be year-end.  With a few rare exceptions, most new loan requests are likely

Pent-up demand and loosening restrictions signal boom in real estate auction market - by Marianne Sullivan

Similar to most businesses, the real estate auction market was sent into disarray with the onset of pandemic restrictions on public gatherings, the closure of many municipal offices and the implementation of property foreclosure moratoriums across most states.

Fall comes with many changes to our lives and the building industry - by David O'Sullivan

Fall comes with many changes to our lives. The leaves change colors, the air turns brisk and crisp and we start thinking about preparations for the coming winter. The building industry seems to change in the fall as well. Gone are the summer vacations when it is spotty to get everyone

Housing market observations - by Bill Pastuszek

It’s possible to generalize that all real estate markets are suffering from a severe demand/supply imbalance. This imbalance has served to drive buyer behavior and prices. It may take years to produce enough product to iron out this imbalance. In the short term, upward

Downtown Burlington’s real estate market remains strong through the COVID-19 pandemic - by Ryan Nick

Vermont has led the nation in its pandemic response including some the highest vaccination rates in the country. The aggressive recovery campaign has let Vermonters and tourists alike return to Downtown Burlington and the Church St. Marketplace in droves. The city has been able to host

Cherrytree Group celebrates Ambrosino’s 10 year anniversary in tax credit analysis and procurement - by Warren Kirshenbaum

After 10 years in business, the Cherrytree Group has been fortunate to have been able to grow to a level of strength and stability: recently surpassing $100 million in tax credits placed on behalf its clients. It’s a total team effort — but a key member of our team has been

Construction exchanges or improvement exchanges under IRC Section 1031 - by Brendan Greene

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1031 allows a property owner, who holds property for “the productive use in a trade or business or for investment”, to defer paying any capital gains taxes if the property owner sells such property, identifies

2021 Rhode Island multifamily market report: Strong growth continues as developers invest and build - by Derek Brazeau

The Rhode Island multifamily sector continues to show strong signs of growth as reflected in new construction housing developments, higher rents, and extremely low vacancy rates. Providence, in particular, has proven to remain on solid ground as local, regional, and national investor