2024 Women in Construction Spotlight - Nominate a women from your firm today!

We are now accepting nominations and reservations for our annual Women in Construction Spotlight! Scheduled to publish in the March 29th NEREJ, this spotlight will showcase personal and professional achievements and industry insights from women across New England's A/E/C industry. Don't miss this chance to recognize someone from your firm.

2024 forecast for 1031 tax-deferred exchanges - by Brendan Greene and Mark McCue

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1031 allows a property owner, who holds property for “the productive use in a trade or business or for investment” to defer paying capital gains taxes if the property owner sells such property, identifies “like kind” property

The year ahead: What’s 2024 going to look like? - by Bill Pastuszek

The recently concluded year of 2023, was not one that would necessarily want to be relived. Nothing felt certain or right. Residential markets experienced weird dynamics and commercial real estate performed unevenly and unsatisfyingly.

2024, new year, new hopes, same issues - by David O'Sullivan

We start the new year of 2024 with more optimism than the last year. Why is the reason?  Most of the same issues our industry has been dealing with remain today much as they did last year but some of the pessimism of the economists is gone. Some interesting statistics are that in 10/22, 63% of economists

The increase in interest rates has had a profound effect on the hotel sales activity - by Earle Wason

When Karen Dowell, our friend from the New England Real Estate Journal, called me to write an article for the 2024 Forecast, as usual, I reluctantly agreed. I believe in all my 50 years as a Realtor this may be the craziest and most unpredictable period I can remember. I reread my 2023 Forecast

“New Year, New Me,” so the warehouse wanted to say - by David Skinner

Every year, the memes on Instagram are the same thing in January. Each is some version of the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young person in a car or on a beach or somewhere having a great time and clearly excited for what is about to come, side by side with someone who is in the same place, but the scene

Protecting your property and managing your risk - by Spencer Macalaster

Whether you’re in the business of buying, selling, leasing, managing, developing, or redeveloping property, you have a lot to oversee. With so many factors in play, an off-the-shelf approach to insurance will not protect you or your business should disaster strike. - by Spencer Macalaster

What goes down will come back up - by Christopher Mellen

This will hopefully apply to the 2024 office market as this segment of the commercial market has been most demanding and will continue to be so through 2024. Nationally, the office market continued to have a challenging year with a gasping 19.2%, physical vacancy in the third quarter,

New Hampshire office and industrial overview - by Kent White, Roger Dieker, Christian Stallkamp and Chris Healy

New Hampshire Office MarketIn 2023, the New Hampshire I-93/Rte. 3 office market remained stable but saw a slight increase in vacancy reporting at 8.4% and average asking lease rates at $15.36 per s/f NNN. As pre-COVID leases expired, some tenants are downsizing their office spaces, combining remote work with

What does the restaurant industry look like in 2024? - by Dennis Serpone

Unless you’re housebound you’ll be crossing the threshold of a supermarket or a prepared food provider…be it a pizzeria, coffee shop, or full service restaurant. Whether you’re standing at a counter, scanning a billboard for what you want to eat or sitting down reviewing your