Industrial market - by William Pastuszek

Boston’s industrial market, while small compared to other industrial markets in other parts of the country, is judged to be healthy. While nowhere near as exciting as multi-family, office, and/or retail, its trends and direction, give an important measure of the New England economy. So it flies somewhat beneath the radar of many market participants. 

Hope for the best; Prepare for the worst the most common claims in real estate - by Spencer Macalaster

Many of us don’t think about what will or won’t be covered by insurance until it’s too late. Whether due to unexpected of catastrophic storms or less dramatic, relatively expected issues and incidents, buildings are susceptible to damages both inside and out. Those in the real estate business – buyers, sellers, managers and developers – can mitigate losses with some common-sense tactics and basic preparation. Preparing your property and your policies for the worst is the best way to face any storm.

Modifying and extinguishing easements - by Anthony Leccese

An easement grants a party (the easement holder) the non-possessory right to enter and use land in the possession of another, who may not interfere with the uses authorized by the easement but may otherwise make full productive use of such land. Property owners looking to redevelop a parcel of land that is subject to a problematic easement should first approach the easement holder for an agreement to relocate or modify the easement. But if the easement holder refuses to consent or

What are a commercial tenant's rights if a landlord fails to maintain the leased premises? - by Allison Fleet

Across the country states have enacted laws protecting tenant rights under residential leases. Unfortunately, commercial tenants generally do not enjoy the same protections and rights as residential tenants. Unless specifically negotiated in a commercial lease, standard residential tenant protections such as the implied warranty of habitability and a landlord’s duty to re-let are not commonly found in commercial leases. This begs the question: what are a commercial tenant’s rights if a

Selling your restaurant 2019 - by Dennis Serpone

Now it’s time to retire...take care of your medical issues, spend time with family, and enjoy some well deserved vacations. Now that you’ve decided to sell, what do you need to do to get the best price for your business? FIVE components to getting the best price and the steps to selling: First, and foremost, people are buying your ‘sales’, goodwill, and profit that’s verifiable. The more verifiable the numbers, the higher the sales price. So keep good books and records. Be prepared that a buyer is going to want to be working with you for a couple of weeks to verify your sales...not necessarily your profits. Run daily specials and discounts to drive sales.

BOMA Boston update - The 2018 TOBY and Industry Awards

Boston, MA On October 18th, the BOMA Boston Emerging Professionals hosted a Behind the Scenes tour of the Innovative Design Building in Bost...

Markets will respond to good data and participants with strong due diligence and analysis will excel - by Brett Pelletier

Financial markets are based on a fundamental principal of trust. Trust that borrowers will repay loans, depositors will leave their deposits, and contracts are enforceable, and enforced. Without trust and confidence, things can start to fall apart.

Southern New Hampshire retail market: Continued growth into 2019 - by Andrew Levy

Another summer has gone by and New Hampshire is ushering in fall’s crisp cool air after what seemed like a very hot and wet summer. Soon the leaves will change colors and cover our lawns so get out the rakes, and enjoy the weather before

Can economy continue to grow, when businesses can’t find workers & workers can’t find housing? - by David O’Sullivan

The air is cooler and leaves are starting to turn and everyone is talking about what will happen with the upcoming election. So what can we expect for this fall in our industry? The stock market is on a roller coaster ride and the world economy is

With planning, 1031 tax-deferred exchanges provide investors with great opportunities - by Brendan Greene

Thinking of selling a commercial property, a multi-family or other investment property and buying a retirement home or a second home in the mountains or where the weather is warmer?  With a little 1031 tax-deferred planning, you could be