2018 Women in Construction: Sue Muckle, M&A Architectural Preservation Inc.

March 30, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: Sue Muckle

Postion: President

Company: M&A Architectural Preservation Inc.

Years in the A/E/C Industry: 28 years

What associations or organizations are you a member of? AGC and BWiC, ASM, BSA, Historic New England, Boston Preservation Alliance, Historic Massachusetts

Why the A/E/C Industry? Architecture enriches our lives, and I love the craftsmanship of preservation 

Advice/Keys to Success: When starting out, explore all areas of the industry, find your passion, and work to develop your talents

Are you aware of the film Hard Hatted woman? If so, what does a film like this mean to you? Yes. The self-portraits are a great way to get to the heart of why women want to pursue a career in the building trades and succeed despite all odds. It can do more good than a hundred seminars to give a woman the courage to follow her dream.


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