2018 Women in Real Estate: Pam Wylie, Pinck & Co., Inc.

September 28, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: Pam Wylie 

Title: Senior Project Manager 

Company Name: Pinck & Co., Inc. 

Years in real estate: 38 

Real estate associations or organizations you’re a member of: Past member of NAWIC 

What honor, achievement or recognition means the most to you and why? Projects that directly impact the lives of people in meaningful ways and deliver a high social value are what I find most rewarding. It’s an honor to work with my team on projects that help provide critical programs, services, and housing to those underserved by society. I worked on the Mount Pleasant Home project (assisted living) in Jamaica Plain, where I really enjoyed getting to know the elderly residents. I have since maintained these relationships, which I find gratifying. I love the people component of working on occupied affordable housing, in addition to the challenge of solving real world building problems. 

What are some of the benefits of being a mentor or having a mentor? I truly enjoy helping our new team members understand more about the industry and sharing what I’ve learned during my career. At the same time, I benefit enormously from their knowledge and insight – it’s what helps make for great collaboration. 

What recent project or transaction are you most proud of? It was a huge honor working on the New England Center and Home for Veterans project. We took a decrepit old building and turned it into a gorgeous, functional home. Our veterans deserve a beautiful home as well as a first-rate facility to house programs and services that meet their needs. I was so impressed with the dedicated NECHV staff and admire the work they do. It was one of the biggest highlights of my career. 

Who or what has been the strongest influence on your career and why? There’s an ongoing need for the development of quality affordable housing. The more I understand the need, the more it influences my career and the reasons to continue focusing on project management in this area. The development of affordable housing is often complex, given the nature of occupied construction. I welcome the many different opportunities to problem solve and find it fascinating and rewarding to transform a building that is in poor condition to one that is welcoming and functional. 



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