2019 Women in Real Estate: Barbara Oddo, Lincoln Property Company

August 30, 2019 - Spotlights

Barbara Oddo - Immediate Past President

Vice President

Lincoln Property Company

How has your involvement in CREW Boston impacted your career? CREW has afforded me the opportunity to meet and network with people in the industry and other markets that I might not have encountered, otherwise. My involvement has resulted in a number of relationships that, without CREW, probably never would have occurred. 

The greatest impact, however, came as a result of serving as CREW Boston president. As an organization, CREW is considered the “go to” source for women in CRE. As president, you are the face of the organization. During my term, I was connected on a daily basis with colleagues, like-minded groups, the media and our membership. 

The result was even more meaningful relationships, and an increased profile not just for the organization, but for me as well. That was a bonus I never expected, and I continue to work to ensure CREW’s mission to advance members in every stage of their careers. 


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