55th Anniversary - Edward Zuker, Founder & CEO of Chestnut Hill Realty

August 31, 2018 - Spotlights

Edward Zuker

Founder & CEO

Chestnut Hill Realty

What year did you discover the New England Real Estate Journal? I read an article by Roland Hopkins, with a photo of my father, regarding the establishment of the B’nai B’rith Realty Lodge in the 60’s. 

In what way has the New England Real Estate Journal been a benefit to you and your business? I rented apartments in the early 60’s during high school.  After college I founded Chestnut Hill Realty and the NEREJ kept me informed of what was happening in our industry.  I learned about leasing, buying, selling, constructing and financing in all aspects of real estate throughout New England from the NEREJ.

Years with company:  49 years

Years in real estate industry:  50+

How long have you been affiliated with the commercial real estate industry? 50+ years

Address:  300 Independence Drive, Chestnut Hill, MA  02469

Telephone:  617-469-6604

Email: ezuker@chestnuthillrealty.com

Website: chestnuthillrealty.com


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