ICSC Retail Real Estate World Summit: The globalization of retail

July 26, 2012 - Retail
The ICSC Retail Real Estate World Summit in Shanghai is where the future will unfold.
There are seismic swings taking place in retail and retail real estate. We have invited the highest profile leaders from the retail, development, lending and public sector communities ever assembled under one roof to share their analysis, insight and forecast on what the future holds for economies worldwide. Each of the more than 70 speakers has been handpicked for their expertise, influence and power to affect cultural, economic and political change.
Topics to be addressed include:
* Socio-Economic Wave: A booming middle class in emerging markets creates new retail opportunities.
* Plateauing of New Development: Emerging markets mean new development opportunities to offset mature markets.
* Retailers Going Global: Insight from those who are already leading the way crossing borders and broadening their brands.
* Capital Flows: Institutional investment in retail real estate has proven to be an optimal long-term asset.
* Need for Employment: Retail real estate is a driving force in creating jobs for communities and commerce.

The fundamentals of our industry are changing and these dramatic shifts will impact everyone in retail and retail real estate. By attending the World Summit you will gain first-hand insight from the foremost global experts, as well as play a critical role in shaping the future of our industry.


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