Boston Cleaning launches website

January 28, 2009 - Front Section

Boston Cleaning Company, Inc. has launched its new website featuring a new Green Cleaning section.
In an effort to help you protect the environment and receive valuable LEED certification points, Boston Cleaning Co. provides the following services:
*Institute the use of environmentally-preferable and/or biobased and reduce-risk cleaning chemicals
*Install and use a closed loop chemical management dispensing system, minimizing human exposure
*Use concentrated cleaning chemicals, and dilute accurately via a chemical management system
*Institute the use of environmentally-preferable paper products throughout the facility
*Institute the use of environmentally-preferable plastic refuse bags
*Install walk-off mats at entry-ways
*Use micro-fiber mops and cloths
*Use energy-efficient vacuums with filters
*Utilize a chemical management software program to manage, monitor and supply documentation
Boston Cleaning is a fully insured, comprehensive janitorial service company and a family owned and operated business since 1975.
Clients include Hamilton Realty Co., American Properties Team, Cummings Props., The Flatley Co. and G.E. Capital Corp.


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