Content is still king. - by Stanley Hurwitz

August 17, 2018 - Front Section
Stanley Hurwitz
Creative Communications

Photos tell a story. Twitter is useful. But good, solid content is still king. Whether you use news releases, blogs, or web or social media posts, you still need to focus on (a) who is your target audience, and (b) what exactly is your message. Google and all search engines use content to rank your post. Usually, the higher the quality of your content pages, the better your ranking.

No matter what size and type of business or organization you run, it’s best that owners and managers devote their time and energy to day-to-day business activities, and leave marketing and public relations either to their in-house creative professional or to an outside consultant. 

There are a zillion (okay, a few dozen) reasons why successful companies should regularly focus on creating and disseminating new and unique content: 

(1) Good content improves search engine optimization (SEO), helping your website rank higher, luring eyes from across the Internet; 

(2) Interesting posts can bring attention from potential business partners, reporters, industry leaders and investors; 

(3) Content exposes prospective partners and customers to your products or services, and can inspire them to get to know your brand and, hopefully, become an advocate;

(4) Although shared content about your company may have an intangible or hard-to-measure monetary value, it boosts your brand, builds employee morale, and can reinforce your customers’ confidence in doing business with you; and

(5) Original content about your products/services–which you should add to and updated on a regular basis–motivates website visitors and online searchers to learn more about what you do, your mission and philosophy, your team, awards, community involvement and more. The more interesting and timely your content, the longer people will linger on your site–and the more often they will return.

When your favorite public relations pro creates a news story about a client, he recommends multiple uses for the story: It can be designed for and distributed to local, regional, national media; posted on the company website; included in a newsletter;, shared via blog, LinkedIn; handed out at trade shows; inserted into outgoing mail/invoices.

Remember one of my favorite sayings: One good idea can be worth a million dollars, a good PR person is worth a lot more. Contact me if you’d like a complimentary consultation.

Stanley Hurwitz is principal/creative director of Creative Communications, Stoughton, Mass.



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