CTA Const. breaks ground on renovations to Somerville’s 100-year old West Branch Library

July 19, 2019 - Construction Design & Engineering

Somerville, MA Elected officials and CTA Construction staff were joined by members of the community to break ground on a number of renovations and improvements to the 100-year-old library. The historic building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is classified as a Carnegie Library.

During the renovation, CTA will manage the modernization and updating of the storied building, allowing for better access, as well as enhanced operations and programming. Among the new additions are new multipurpose and flex spaces to host library-sponsored programs, public meetings and other events. The renovation design also includes designated quiet reading and study areas, and an indoor/outdoor book drop.

Beyond enhanced visitor spaces and public meeting rooms, the renovated West Branch library will see modernizing overhauls to its mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and computer networking systems, as well as a new elevator. 

On the exterior of the site, improved landscaping will create ample green and open space. A new accessible entryway will also provide easier and more convenient access. 

These updates will allow the West Branch Library to increase programming opportunities for individuals of all ages and create a more visitor-friendly space.

“The West Branch Library here in Somerville is an amazing historic institution and a vital public resource for residents and students in the area,” said Paul DuRoss, principal at CTA Construction. “We’re excited and honored to be renovating this amazing space to make improvements and additions, which will significantly increase accessibility and create new and inviting spaces for visitors while maintaining the building’s unique historic character.”



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Fred Toey 8/16/19 10:21 AM

Good Luck Somerville with CTA. Trying to rebuild a Historic building 100 years old

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