Founders Message: Blogs are here to stay

Our readers are finally going to have a place to blog., (a site that receives thousands of viewers daily - viewers that are interested in commercial real estate) is now open for blogging. The information-filled (14 years old) is one of the first commercial real estate sites in the country and has built a loyal following. I should have been anticipatory enough to have added blogs years ago, but I admit that I didnt know a blog from a frog. Way back then, if someone had wanted to give an opinion on any subject they either bored their spouse or next door neighbor with it, or attended a networking event, downed a few extra drinks and babbled. The most famous shrink, Sigmund Freud, admitted that the one thing he learned for sure about psychology is: "The more you talk, the better you feel." Professional shrinks now charge $100 an hour, or more. The priest listens to people confess their sins every Saturday and charges nothing. Hes always very busy. Lets analyze the psychology of a blog. What is a blog? It is a confession, or just getting something off your chest that might be bugging you, or what people used to call "giving your two cents". Freud told us that we would feel better after talking, and isnt talking just like writing stuff. So now you can blog away any day. And more important, blog to people who actually might give a sh--, I mean give a damn if you blog on the subject of commercial real estate. Check out, read a few blogs, and then add your own. Its free. The site has been designed totally for your use and enjoyment. The best blog of the month will be reprinted in the New England Real Estate Journal, that also reaches thousands of commercial real estate and allied fields professionals. Roland Hopkins is the founder of the New England Real Estate Journal, Norwell, Mass.