Founders Message: Keep on tryin

Obviously, I believe in the power of the press, or I wouldnt be still writing these messages 46 years later. Would you believe that I started the New England Real Estate Journal when I was only 13 years old? Hmm, that would make me 39, or so. Right? Before I entered the publishing world I spent 6 years spinning records as a DJ. It was fun and non stressful. One of my favorite songs was the only country tune Frank Sinatra ever recorded - Cycles. I think it grabbed me because Ive always been a positive thinker (or tried to be even when things looked the bleakest like during recessions). When things really looked the grimmest I would hum and even mouth some of the words from Cycles. Its nice to see the major newspapers printing positive headlines for a change. Stock Market Up, Recession Coming to a Close, Banks Lending Money Again. Heres the words to Franks Cycles that have helped me through the tough times, and maybe can give you a lift. You can hear the song for free by just Googling Frank Sinatra Cycles. Lately, Ive been listening to it every day. Now youll see why: So Im down and so Im out, But so are many others so I feel like tryin to hide my head neath these covers life is like the seasons after winter comes the spring so Ill keep this smile awhile and see what tomorrow brings. Ive been told and I believe that life is meant for livin and even when my chips are low theres still some left for givin Ive been many places maybe not as far as you so I think Ill stay awhile and see if some dreams come true. There isnt much that I have learned through all my foolish years except that life keeps runnin in cycles first theres laughter, then those tears. But Ill keep my head up high although Im kinda tired my gal just up and left last week Friday I got fired you know its almost funny but things cant get worse than now so Ill keep on tryin to sing but please, just dont ask me how Roland Hopkins is the founder of The New England/New York Real Estate Journal, Norwell, Mass.