G. Greene Construction completes imaging suite at Mass. General

June 21, 2019 - Construction Design & Engineering



Boston, MA G. Greene Construction completed a five-phase imaging suite at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Yawkey Outpatient Care Center at 32 Fruit St. 

The imaging suite was constructed in a fully operational clinical space. Included in the new suite was a 3T MRI with a control room and two CT Scans. New corridors, with separate patient and staff access, waiting rooms, changing rooms, and administration support spaces were also constructed.

Including the Mass. General Hospital staff of the imaging suite in meetings was essential. They know first-hand how anxious the patients they care for everyday can be. To reduce patient anxiety, the team carefully selected and applied finishes and perimeter lighting with variable color schemes. To create a calming and relaxing environment, MRI-safe video screens were installed, which provide a pleasant distraction. A backlit ceiling panel was created which stimulates a view of the sky above patients to ease the feeling of intimidation patients’ often feel.

One of the most critical phases of this project was hoisting the Siemens 3T MRI, 4’-0” x 8’-0” x 8’-0” in size, weighing 18,000 lbs. to the 6th floor. The MRI was hoisted up 100 feet through a narrow 14-foot space between two buildings. Due to this challenging process, safety requirements were essential for both the workers and pedestrians to walk to their destinations out of harm’s way.  Numerous meetings with members of the rigging team, G. Greene, Mass. General, and abutters, were held at which time the safety plan was developed, modified, and finalized.  When faced with the challenge of hoisting the MRI into an occupied healthcare facility, six floors up, G. Greene was able to come up with a plan to ensure patients, staff, workers and pedestrians were protected.

The goal throughout the duration of the project was to ensure the staff had an efficient new department to care for their patients in a pleasing and calming environment, while providing a safe and well-organized construction site. Collaboration among G. Greene, Mass. General, and Payette, was essential.



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