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June 28, 2019 - Retail

Stage1 GeoReport: Site Selection and Due Diligence Made Easy

Terracon has developed a new way to anticipate subsurface site conditions, streamlining site selection and providing clients access to a conceptual geotechnical model before field exploration takes place. Known as Stage1 GeoReport, this predictive analytics tool can be used for small or large sites, or linear projects.  

Our powerful tool utilizes valuable data collected from more than 50 years of field exploration. We’ve meticulously documented the location and conditions encountered in nearly 300,000 projects nationwide and are adding more than 15,000 new projects annually to our database.

Digitizing the historical subsurface information creates a catalyst for our interactive, web-based GeoReport platform which combines Terracon-collected data with available public domain data, adding the essential local experience of a Terracon geotechnical practitioner to render a conceptual model of subsurface conditions, possible variability, and a confidence level in the predictions. We deliver these opinions fast – within days, not weeks.

With adequate confidence opinions, more precise project feasibility analyses are possible, and preliminary designs can proceed. A customized exploration and testing work plan can be tailored to the known site conditions. 

Stage1 is Terracon’s way of maximizing the value of data in site selection and design. This easy first look helps you discover what is below the surface of any project. Stage1 clients are better informed and able to anticipate geotechnical conditions and construction challenges, and reduce the inherent risks in development, saving valuable time and money.

Learn more at: terracon.com/stage1

Terracon is an employee-owned consulting engineering firm with more than 4,500 employees providing environmental, facilities, geotechnical, and materials services from more than 150 offices, including six New England locations, with services available in all 50 states. Terracon currently ranks 24th on Engineering News-Record’s list of the Top 500 Design Firms. 



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