“Ideally New Rochelle” website unveiled

April 21, 2017 - Connecticut

New Rochelle, NY With the largest redevelopment initiative in the Hudson Valley underway, the city of New Rochelle unveiled a new website and video reflecting the city’s new “Ideally Yours” brand, and its position as the next great destination to live, work and grow. 

The website, www.ideallynewrochelle.com showcases New Rochelle’s neighborhoods and parks, extraordinary schools and libraries, and rich cultural history, along with the city’s proximity to Manhattan, skilled workforce and business-welcoming programs and initiatives.

“We are thrilled to present ‘Ideally New Rochelle’ as a resource to showcase what our city currently offers, and the enormous potential on the horizon,” said Luiz Aragon, New Rochelle’s commissioner of development. “Cultural, economic and technological opportunities abound in New Rochelle, the ‘ideal’ place to live, work and grow.” 

Through a series of brief videos, visitors will virtually meet a group of entrepreneurs from three distinct industries who exemplify New Rochelle’s commitment to foster culture, community and creativity. The website was funded by the city’s Industrial Development Agency (IDA).


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