IREM officers to take oath on Dec. 6 at holiday dinner

November 02, 2018 - Owners Developers & Managers
Nancy Reno,
Housing Management Resources

Boston, MA 2019 IREM Boston Chapter president, Nancy Reno, CPM, Housing Management Resources Inc. and  her team will all take their oath at the December 6 holiday celebration dinner, being held at Park Plaza Hotel.

After careful deliberations, the nominating committee is pleased to place in nomination the following members of our chapter as officers & executive councilors for 2019. These officers and executive board members will be installed at the chapters holiday celebration meeting on December 6 at the Boston Park Plaza, 50 Park Plaza. Please contact the chapter at 617-736-7565 to register.


President: Nancy Reno, CPM                                                       

President-elect: Warren Lizio, CPM, ARM

Vice president: Melissa Fish- Crane, CPM

Treasurer: Neilie Sequeira, CPM, ARM

Secretary: Phil Renzi, CPM

Executive Councilors:         

• Toni Susi, CPM, ARM

• Craig Chisholm, CPM

• Tracy Achilles, ARM, CPMC

• Pamelia Haynes, ARM

• Kristin Pine, CPM

• John O’Donnell, CPM

• William Woodward, CPM

• Corey Colbert, CPM

• Ryan Quick, CPM

Immediate past president: Gregg Jenner, CPM

National past president: Christopher Mellen, CPM, ARM

Region 1 regional vice president: Susan Monahan, CPM

IAE: Kelley Hannon, Broker, IAE 

IAE: Tracey Brooks, IAE


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