Portside Real Estate Group to open 4th office

November 02, 2018 - Northern New England

Cape Elizabeth, ME Portside Real Estate Group plans to open a fourth office on Scott Dyer Rd. The new location will expand Portside’s growing footprint in Southern Maine, with additional offices in Falmouth, Yarmouth and Portland.

While many real estate firms are closing offices and moving to remote work, Dava Davin, owner of Portside Real Estate Group, sees value in brick and mortar, and has seen impressive increases in market share after opening new locations. When Portside opened their Yarmouth office in 2017, they were eighth in the market at $5.1 million in sales. Now, they are first in the market, with $22.1 million in sales. 

“When we opened our Yarmouth office, Portside was eighth in market share,” said Davin. “A year later, we are first in market share because of our talented agents and our commitment and involvement in the community. Cape Elizabeth and South Portland are popular housing markets, and very much part of our growth strategy for 2019.”

As part of that growth strategy, Portside is planning to hire agents with a strong presence in Cape Elizabeth and South Portland, and recently welcomed broker Monica Dambach and the McFarlane Field Team. In addition to providing space for the new Portsiders, the Cape Elizabeth office will give agents a place to work and connect on the other side of the bridge.

Partnering with Tyler Karu on interior design, the office will have a timeless and transitional style throughout, with increased natural light, green features, agent offices and community gathering spaces, with community events starting this month.


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