Professional Profile: Bryan Atherton, CCIM 2008

Bryan Atherton - 2008

Name: Bryan Atherton - 2008

Title: President

Company: Atherton & Associates Commercial Properties

Location: Shelton, CT

Birthplace: Danbury, CT

Family: FianceƩ, mother, brother, sister College: Bachelors Degree, Finance, Teikyo Post University, Waterbury, CT First job unrelated to current field: Carpenter by trade First job in current field: Salesperson with Coldwell Banker Real Estate What your firm does now and its plans for the future: Our firm specializes in real estate brokerage for business and investment. We represent sellers, buyers, tenants from local businesses and investors to national brands in buying, selling, leasing and developing commercial real estate. Hobbies: Running, weightlifting, spinning Favorite book: "One Up on Wall Street" Favorite movie: "Casino" Person you most admire (outside of family: Jim Cramer Keys to success: Good old fashioned hard work and never give up. If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be? Stock trader