Professional Profile: Charles Dockser 1966

Charles Dockser - 1966

Name: Charles Dockser - 1966

Company: Garden City Trust Company

Location: Newton, MA

Birthplace: Boston, MA, 1909

Education: Boston Public Schools, Graduated from Northeastern, LLB Member: Newton Bankers Association, president; Mass. Bar Association; Newton Planning Board; Director Kiddie Camp; B’nai B’rith; and many others. Charles began practicing law in 1930, specializing with clients who were involved in real estate developing and investing. For several years he handled their legal affairs and became interested in the field of building and decided to try his hand at it. By 1940, he had built more than 4,000 year-round and vacation homes in Maryland, Virginia, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut. “We had one of the largest housing developments just 7 miles from the Pentagon which housed many of the Washington Brass. These homes were built after 1940, when we started constructing more expensive properties.” In the early ‘40s, Charlie was vice president of the Greater Boston Homebuilders Association. “We had no money to function, and it was my job to figure out a way to build up our bank account. Mechanics Hall was scheduling an Electric Show and I suggested our group help out. This was successful, filled our bank account and became the first HOME SHOW.” In 1950, Charlie, who had always been interested in banking, helped form the Granite Cooperative Bank; and in 19559 incorporated the Garden City Trust Company. “There was no independent bank in the fast-growing Newton area and we felt the need for one. We started with $500,000 and now we have $1.75 million with four branches. We are a solid, steadily growing bank and although we are not the biggest, there are 12,000 banks smaller.”