Professional Profile: David Unger 2013

David Unger - 2013

Name: David Unger - 2013

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Company: U.S. Energy Group

Location: Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY

Birthplace: New York City, NY.

Family: Wife, Dana Unger, and two boys: Zachary, 9, and Noah, 7 College: Undergrad, Tulane University. Masters, Columbia University First job unrelated to your current field: Mexican chef in Jerusalem, Israel First job in current field: Founder of Media Stream, a web-based application development firm What your firm does now and its plans for the future? Boiler control and energy monitoring. Our plans for the future include enhanced energy management services and water and electric sub-metering. Hobbies: Yoga, snowboarding, live music. Favorite novel: The entire "Game of Thrones" series Favorite film: "Big Fish" Keys to success: Visionary thinking tied with thorough execution and a dash of constant motivation