Professional Profile: Douglas Erickson 1998

Doug Erickson - 1998

Name: Doug Erickson - 1998

Title: President

Company: SoundVest Properties

Location: 558 Main St., Rockland, Me.

Birthplace: Santa Barbara, Calif.

Family: Wife, Pauline; three children College: Hiram Scott College First job outside or real estate: Banking supplies First job in real estate or allied field: Allen Morris Co. What do you do now and who I are you planning for the future? Industrial, office and retail brokerage. Future: hoping to get into the field of development. Hobbles: Boating, ocean fishing Favorite book: “Dam Busters” Favorite movie: “The Hunt for Red October” Person you most emulate (outside or family): Bill Oates Key to success: Developing contacts If you were forced to choose another vocation what would It be? Law