Professional Profile: John Doyon 2016

John Doyon - 2016

Name: John Doyon - 2016

Title: Commercial Broker/Partner

Company: Malone Commercial Brokers

Location: Portland, Maine

Birthplace: Cambridge, MA

Family: Wife, Sue Ellen, and son, Matt

College: The University of Maine (Orono) for undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology

First job unrelated to your current field: School psychologist

First job in current field: Malone Commercial Brokers – 23 years ago

What your firm does now and its plans for the future? We focus on commercial, investment and development properties from Kittery to Bangor.  We plan to remain a boutique firm with our long-term team of brokers and staff.

Hobbies: Skiing, adopting golden retrievers and working out

Favorite novel: “All Quiet on The Western Front” by Erich Remarque

Favorite film: “The Big Chill” (indirectly how I met my wife)

Keys to success: Never give up. Remember, you’re not famous.

Person(s) you most admire (outside of family): On the national stage and as a neighbor, President George H. W. Bush for his kindness and humility

If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be? Integrative medicine physician