Professional Profile: Nick Abraham 1966

Nicholas Abraham - 1966

Name: Nicholas Abraham - 1966

Company: S & K Realty

Location: Roslindale, Mass

Birthplace: Boston, Mass. – 1917

Member: GBREB (Rental Housing Assn. member); MAREB; NAREB In the 1930’s Nick joined the big crowds and excitement in the fruit auctions that took place in historic Haymarket Square, where: “A wave of the hand, or the wink of an eye made the bidding hotter and higher.” Expanding outside the domain of his father’s wholesale fruit and produce company, A.E. Hanna & Sons, Nick invested with his brothers in California real estate: “That year, 1948, there was the Korean problem and Truman advocated a Don’t buy policy:” But Nick managed to get help from the FHA, which financially enabled him to develop modern apartments from what was once, useless old property. His first sizeable investment in New England was a $250,000 investment in residential property on Route 9. This was a success and it led Nick to begin buying “5-doorway properties”, which he modernized and installed centralized heating. A veteran bowler of 25 years, Nick bemoaned the fact that Boston lacked good candlepin bowling, so he bought a “land-locked” building and converted it into a modern bowling alley “because I was mad enough to build it myself.” He’s now got 6 Big League Bowling centers. Nick sees Boston as being 25 years behind the times, due to political exploitation, but feels it’s rapidly becoming “one of America’s most beautiful cities.” Forever looking for new opportunities, Nick said he’ll attract people to the Walpole area by promoting a fighting arena development; “I’ve got a lot of energy left,” Nick said, “and I’m blessed with luck.