Professional Profile: Richard Bowler 1966

Richard Bowler - 1966

Name: Richard Bowler - 1966

Title: Founder

Company: Richard A. Bowler Real Estate

Birthplace: Holyoke, Mass. 1917

Education: Holyoke School System One of the fine appraisers from the Western part of Massachusetts, Richard Bowler received his early training in the field of engineering with the city of Holyoke. He moved to Boston in 1941 with the United States Engineers District Office, eventually settling in Presque Isle in construction of military installations. After the war, Dick spent five highly educational years as mortgage loan officer for the Holyoke Savings Bank. He joined George Vadnais as general manager in 1950. “George was the largest home builder in the region during that period – we constructed 450 units per year.” Dick is an MAI and SRA and a member of the American Right of Way Assoc. He is currently president of the Holyoke Board of Realtors, and former chairman of the planning commission and a former chairman of the Holyoke Industrial Development Commission. He has recently formed a group, which has purchased a downtown defunct hotel, leased the upper floors to the local housing authority for the elderly and remodeled the street floor for commercial purposes. “This has worked quite well for us, and we are now getting inquiries all the way from Detroit on doing the same thing there.” Dick is married and has a daughter who is a pre-med student at Regis College.