Sasson creates new lead generator Skyler360

March 04, 2016 - Front Section

Houston, TX Lead generation and customer relationship management are the lifeblood of any real estate brokerage service. These two activities often account for over 50% of monthly expenses and the majority of total office man-hours.

Charlie Kriegel, founder of Winhill Advisors-Kirby – a full service residential, investment, and commercial brokerage has become an early adapter of an enterprise level software service package, named Skyler360, that is patented to automate lead generation and customer relationship management. “My agents and I spend anywhere from 70% to 80% of our work week engaging and qualifying leads either on the phone or online,” Kriegel said. “I’d imagine that 10% or more of the leads we gather are regularly lost due to human error or schedule conflicts. We’re definitely not perfect.” Through patent pending technology, Skyler360 engages leads on a one-on-one level across multiple channels to include; phone, email, and SMS. During the engagements, Skyler qualifies leads as serious buyers and maintains all information gathered. Skyler seamlessly integrates automated marketing campaigns across major channels to include; email, SMS, and U.S. mail. “Skyler360 brings incredible value to my brokerage. I expect my lead attrition rate to drop to zero. My agents will spend more time cultivating business relationships instead of qualifying buyers,” Kriegel said. “It’s like having a team of digital assistants who are always working for me. I believe Skyler360 will revolutionize the real estate industry for sure.” Although Skyler360 may disrupt the real estate brokerage industry, it was created for property management out of necessity. Ron Sasson created Skyler360 to help him keep a multifamily property at full occupancy. Sasson had been losing money on this property month after month and he finally had enough. Through a year of development, he discovered other uses for Skyler360 and adapted the system to benefit a wider range of industries. “Skyler operates on the vision that human elements in business must be strategically placed. Skyler enables you to do more with less. She acts as an extension of our capabilities. Skyler also promotes customer loyalty because they need to put a lot less effort to get what they want.” Sasson said. Sasson plans to sell Skyler360 to enter the New York market in the spring and expand his team and sales force from there. To get a demonstration of the software simply Google Skyler360 and ask for a demo.


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