2018 Women in Construction: Jessica Spivey, Shawmut Design and Construction

March 30, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: Jessica Spivey

Postion: Superintendent

Company: Shawmut Design and Construction

Years in the A/E/C Industry: 10 years

Why choose A/E/C Industry? The A/E/C industry is exactly where I need to be! It has got just the right mix of managing people, developing building skills, and bringing it all together for the final reward–seeing clients walk in and utilize new spaces that are both beautiful and highly functional.

Advice/Keys to Success: Two words of wisdom: First, be yourself! What makes you unique is not only a benefit to you, but to your company! Second, if you are going to make a mistake, make sure it’s your own.

If you had to choose one word to explain why you do what you do, which one most suits you? And why? Challenge. Building is in my blood, and solving problems makes me excited to go to work each day. I work hard to be the best I can be, part of that involves overcoming adversity and conquering obstacles. I strive to be a role model for other female builders–leading by example and never shying away from a challenge.

Are you aware of the film Hard Hatted Woman? If so, what does a film like this mean to you? Yes! I saw this a clip back in February, and I am so hopeful that it will help redefine and rebrand the field as a fulfilling, creative and viable place for women to have longstanding careers in. Both celebrating the women within the field and bringing awareness to gaps we still have today such as pay equality and labor trade shortage is so important.



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