2019 Women in Construction: Kate Sonia, 4th Year Electrical Apprentice, IBEW Local 103

March 29, 2019 - Spotlights

Which project, deal or transaction was the “game changer” in the advancement of your career during the last 10 years? Joining the union. The opportunity to be a part of Local 103 has changed my life and my children’s’ lives for the better. I didn’t start out with much in life, and after being a stay at home mom for so long I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it. But my JATC apprenticeship has taught me so much and the people I work with in the field have been incredible! I love what I do and look forward to having a long career with 103!

What were your biggest fears when you started out in your profession? I started the journey of my career on a pretty big job in the Seaport District. I was greener than green, and I worried about how I was going to handle school, work, and raising my 5 children. I was also afraid I wouldn’t be as fast or strong as the men. In reality, I have found so much support through my brothers and sister in the trades and even the higher-ups at my hall. I learned to keep an open mind and do my best to learn every day. I learned about safety on the job, about the brotherhood of my local, and how to be helpful with what little experience I had. Everybody has an important role. I quickly learned that even though speed and strength are important, they’re not everything. Now, I know how to get the job at hand done efficiently, safely, and correctly. That’s the most important. 



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