2019 Women in Construction: Susan Shelby, President & CEO at Rhino PR

March 29, 2019 - Spotlights

How many years have you been in your current field? 23

Who are three women – living or dead – that you would like to have drinks with and why? 
1. Madeleine Albright: I studied international relations in college and wanted to be a diplomat. I have heard her speak on several occasions and would love to sit down one-on-one to hear more about her experiences as Secretary of State. 
2. Katherine Hepburn: She played the atypical role, wearing pants when it wasn’t common. She had style and grace. 
3. Amelia Earhart: She was an adventurer who wasn’t afraid to chase a challenge.

What motivated you to step out on your own? I was laid off from my job as director of marketing and business development at an architecture firm in November 2004 and decided it was time to start my own business. The next day Rhino PR was born.

What project, transaction, honor or accomplishment are you most proud of? I was named Entrepreneur of the Year by NEWiRE (now known as CREW Boston) in 2012, one of nine women recognized for their achievements in the local real estate industry.



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