2020 Ones to Watch: Michael Pomposelli, Executive Director at JP Morgan

May 29, 2020 - Spotlights
Michael Pomposelli
JP Morgan

Which project, deal, or transaction was the “game-changer” in the advancement of your career? There is no one single deal to point to because each contributed in its own way. When I was early on in my career I got some great advice from a senior leader. He highlighted that when working on deal teams the successful formula is simple; “work hard, be nice.” I have tried to stick to those words. 

What led you to your current profession? I had bounced around in a couple of different roles before heading back to graduate school. During this time, I started looking at industries and spent many hours interviewing alumni. I quickly realized the tangible nature of real estate fit my personality best so I pursued opportunities in the space. 

Who or what inspires you? My mother inspires me. For much of my life she had to play both mother and father because my father was working long hours out of necessity. She raised three kids and despite the hectic schedule was always there to guide us no matter the subject matter or situation. I try to model my life after hers. 

What advice can you offer to someone who is interested in a career in your industry? I would recommend that person research the three main aspects of the institutional business; Borrower, Broker and Lender, so they get a feel for how all of them interact. Additionally, I would emphasize that building relationships within these 3 groups will go a long way towards having a fulfilling career. It’s such a tight-knit community so relationships are important. 



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