2021 Ones to Watch: Itamar Chalif, Vice President/Business Banking Officer, Rockland Trust Company

May 28, 2021 - Spotlights

Which project, deal, or transaction was the “game-changer” in the advancement of your career? A number of years ago, I was an independent consultant assisting clients to finance their business needs. One of my clients engaged Rockland Trust – I didn’t believe the Bank would finance his new business. To my surprise, he was approved almost immediately. A few months later, I was offered an interview for a position with the Bank. Because of the pleasant but unexpected outcome with that client, I accepted the interview and was ultimately offered the role. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The past ten years have been extremely rewarding.

How do you contribute to your community or your profession? I serve on the Board of Directors for both the Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce and the Business Value Forum. These organizations provide education and relevant information to business owners and other community leaders. Additionally, I am a member of the Middleboro Downtown Improvement Committee and had the opportunity to play an instrumental role in creating the Middleboro Business Resource Center, with the intent to improve the local economy by helping businesses thrive. For more than two years, I have run a monthly meeting where a small number of business owners come together to solve problems, similar to a Mastermind group.

What led you to your current profession? Supporting small business owners has been my passion for many years and remains my motivation to get up every day. When the opportunity arose to interview with Rockland Trust, I saw a unique opportunity to further support small business owners with the backup and resources of a larger organization. Rockland Trust has proven itself as a place that shares my same goals – the Bank dedicates tremendous time, effort and resources to supporting local businesses.

Who or what inspires you? In high school, I read two books which profoundly influenced me. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand epitomizes capitalism; it teaches self-responsibility, encouraging every person to live to the best of their ability each day. This means contributing to the economy, and taking responsibility for their decisions. The second book was, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, which is about getting what you want, by helping others get what they want. I am passionate about what I do as I can guide businesses, and help them succeed. This in turn helps the economy where they live and operate.

What advice can you offer to someone who is interested in a career in your industry? Regardless of how successful you become, never forget to be humble.



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