2023 Women in CRE: Cassandra Dos-Santos, The Procopio Companies

September 29, 2023 - Spotlights
Cassandra Dos-Santos
Assistant Project Manager
The Procopio Companies 


What recent project, transaction, or accomplishment are you most proud of? I am working on a 60-unit, design-build project in Beverly, and I have been able to participate in the process, understand the logistics, and tackle the intricacies from inception to completion. I also get to work alongside the most innovative and thoughtful people I have come across in the industry, so being exposed to this level of knowledge is something I am very grateful for. 

What are the most important factors women in your industry should consider when choosing a firm to build their career with? Women should consider firms that strongly align with their core values. Prioritize what matters most and everything else will fall in line. The only factor I prioritized during my search was company culture, a company that puts people first, and I was fortunate to find that at Procopio Companies.

Who inspires you most? What qualities do they possess that inspire you? My mother inspires me the most. No matter the circumstance, she persevered to “get through it”. Her strength, resilience, and courage have molded me into a strong, independent woman who can achieve anything I set my mind to. Because of her, I continue to keep fighting the good fight. 



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