2024 Women in Construction Spotlight - Nominate a women from your firm today!

February 09, 2024 - Spotlights

We are now accepting nominations and reservations for our annual Women in Construction Spotlight! Scheduled to publish in the March 29th NEREJ, this spotlight will showcase personal and professional achievements and industry insights from women across New England's A/E/C industry. Don't miss this chance to recognize someone from your firm.

Who qualifies for the Women in Construction spotlight? Any team member from your firm that is excelling in their current role or making a valuable impact on the industry. This could be a new hire, top performer, or seasoned veteran.  

Click Here to view our 2023 Women in Construction Spotlight

To Participate - Have your nominee(s) fill out the Q&A profile form, and return it with their headshot by Thursday, March 14th. Please note that we will publish as many profiles as possible in the print edition of the Spotlight and purchasing an advertisement in the issue will both guarantee placement and help support more profiles to be included. All profiles submitted will run in their entirety online at NEREJ.com.  

Deadline: Thursday, March 14th

To nominate someone from your firm contact John Picard or your sales representative to request the Spotlight Q & A form - [email protected]





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