Quonset provides added value for its tenants

April 07, 2011 - Rhode Island

Steven King, Quonset Development Corp.

When businesses move to Quonset we work hard to add value for them at their new location in some unique ways. In addition to the great amenities and service here, we have developed a number of vehicles to communicate with important audiences, and we take every opportunity to use them to promote Quonset tenants.
Our Quonset Points e-news reaches thousands of leaders and influencers in business and government throughout New England. In recent issues, we have written stories about Ocean State Job Lot's 100th store, Falvey Cargo Underwritings' Best Places to Work award, NORAD's handling of Fords and Porsches, and progress at the new TownePlace Suites by Marriott in the Gateway section of the park.
We also promote our clients' job openings on Quonsetjobs.com, reinforcing the effort with advertising on local radio designed to steer prospective employees to the website. As of this publishing, sixteen companies had jobs posted on the website. By helping to refer talented individuals to our tenants' human resources offices, we work to help our tenants and the park remain strong in the years ahead. Today, Quonset Business Park has 8,800 employees at 168 companies. One out of every 50 jobs in R.I. is here at Quonset.
Additionally, Quonset has an emerging presence on social media, where we're active on Twitter (@QuonsetRI) and Facebook. In recent days we tweeted about - what else? - our tenant companies. Examples include: "New tenant, Reagan Construction on Zarbo Ave. lease complete and actively using the site," and, "TownePlace Suites @QuonsetRI will have 104 eco-friendly suites suitable for both extended stays and overnight visits." It's common for reporters to follow up on our posts and write print and web news stories about tenant companies based on the information we've provided on social media.
We use our website, Quonset.com, as a library of news stories about our residents. Visit today and you can watch video of a news story about the expansion of the marina by Mill Creek Marine or read about the Trades Training Center of R.I.
Quonset also has an extremely active and productive partnership with the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce. In fact, it was the chamber that reserved and donated our web address, allowing us to switch over from one rooted in our government past to the more people- and search-engine-friendly Quonset.com. The chamber is a vocal champion of Quonset businesses to consumers and governments alike.
All of us at Quonset Development Corp. are big believers in partnership. We work together here for the benefit of everyone. That spirit of partnership often exceeds the boundaries of the park, and will be on full display from May 14-19 when 3,000 people come to the R.I. Convention Center and to Quonset for the 2011 IEEE 12th International Conference on Transmission and Distribution Construction, Operation and Live- Line Maintenance (ESMO). ESMO is the premier event in the electric utility industry for hands-on demonstration and discussion of live-line activity.
In addition to a first-class convention center facility, conference organizers needed a sizeable tract of outdoor space with the proper electrical and safety requirements. That's where Quonset came in, along with National Grid, which will serve as the host utility. Conference attendees will come to Quonset and participate in activities like live-line conductor splicing, energized pole change-out with hot sticks, lineman rescue simulation and more. Quonset is proud to team up with its regional partners to attract this major conference and the economic impact it will bring to New England.
Steven King, PE, is the managing director of the Quonset Development Corp., North Kingstown.


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