About Champion Elevator Corp. - by Don Gelestino

November 25, 2022 - Spotlights
Don Gelestino

Champion Elevators New England expansion has been very successful for property owners and managers as they provide them with a service as an alternative to the OEM companies.

Opening a new warehouse and operations center in Shelton, Conn. and in Nyack, N.Y. the company can provide rapid services for its clients at affordable prices.

Champion Elevator president and CEO Donald Gelestino has over 35+ years in the elevator business and believes in real-time transparent communication with the customer and providing the correct maintenance to all elevators serviced under the Champion brand.   Gelestino stated “Our New England operation “Process” and ”Procedures” is being implemented by the very best in the business, Robert Masterson, who is our team leader currently committed to the branch kick-off and has forward thinking with client care at the top of its priorities”. “Joseph Gati who runs the Hudson Valley and Westchester corridor is very focused and is looking to head the team in that region for years to come…” “ We are truly blessed to have these amazing professionals as part of our team!”

Champion is very proud to have won the 2020 Elevator World Ellies Award for “Best Family-Owned Company” in the United States and again in 2022 “Best Contractor East Coast”.  Furthermore, president Donald Gelestino, in 2021 was awarded the “William C. Sturgeon” award presented by The National Association of Elevator Contractors which is the most prestigious award in the elevator industry nationally!

No elevator is too big or small for Champion! ”We service private resi-dential elevators and go as high as 50+ stories to class A buildings,” said Robert Monforte, president of maintenance operations at Champion. Champion also just completed a $44 million/ 180-elevator moderniza-tion project at Co-Op City located in Bronx, N.Y.  The project was completed under budget and over four months early.

Champion has some of the best troubleshooters in the industry and a safety plan which is spearheaded by safety industry leaders such as Louis DeLoreto, Ed Bulakites, and Champion’s in-house safety director, Gary Holtzman. Donna Scibetta runs the testing and violations department and has been working with Gelestino since 1990. Gelestino said, “Champion has a testing and inspection department second to none.”

Keep on the lookout for Champion Elevator as they rise above their competition and build their New England operation and culture!

Robert Masterson
Director of Operations, NE


Gary Holtzman
Safety Director


Don Gelestino is an IREON member  and president and CEO of Champion Elevator Corp., CT



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