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September 22, 2009 - Green Buildings


Oil plays an increasingly critical role in global commerce - and it is harder to find and harvest than at any other time in modern human history. Baystate Biofuels can help. We are a renewable energy company working to combat global warming and the effect of shrinking oil reserves. We produce and distribute alternative fuels and promoting green energy production.
We are leading the way in providing a less expensive, American-made option to petroleum diesel for the home heating-oil, aviation fuel, and on-road diesel fuel markets. Our economically sound, bio-derived alternatives to petroleum products reduce environmental impacts from combustion and provide opportunities for the communities in which we operate.
We are a sustainable ASTM-grade biodiesel production and distribution company with a footprint in USA, China and Ghana. Baystate Bio Fuels is proud to be the greenest, most sustainable wet fuel distributor in the United States.
Jesse Reich, Alene Reich, Monica Hinojos and Jerry Gupta founded Baystate Biofuels, LLC in response to the rising food and oil costs in the United States. The company is dedicated to providing a service to the environment and creating an economical and renewable fuel source to serve the individual or local business.
Baystate Biofuels used existing infrastructure to cut down on waste and minimize our impact on the environment. Not one tree, animal, or river was disturbed by our construction. We are also bringing well-paying jobs to an area reeling from losing 16,000 jobs.
Solar-powered photovoltaic cells provide green electricity for our distribution terminal. Using biodiesel as opposed to petroleum products reduces green house gas emission by as much as 78.5%. Excess steam from the construction waste-to-energy plant keeps the biodiesel hot.
Baystate Biofuels, LLC, North Andover, Mass., 888-574-1577, www.baystatebiofuels.com


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