Academy Roofing completes LEED certified new roof for Hypertherm

December 18, 2014 - Construction Design & Engineering

Hypertherm Co. headquarters - Lebanon, NH

Academy Roofing Corp. working under contract with Bread Loaf Corp. has completed the new roof construction for the 160,000 s/f Hypertherm Co. headquarters. The facility is the new center of global operations and is being used for manufacturing, research labs and offices.
Academy Roofing's knowledge of sustainable technology and expertise with roofing systems and insulation was of pinnacle importance when selecting the company for this project.
Jan Becker, architect at Bread Loaf said, "Academy Roofing was chosen due to the ability to meet a demanding sinter time schedule and their vast knowledge of green building industry requirements. They ensured all products met or exceeded the LEED requirements. Academy was a leader in utilizing FSC Certified wood for all curbs and blocking and provided complete and thorough LEED documentation," said Becker. "Academy is one of the finest roofing contractors we have had the pleasure to work with."
Darryl Michaud, Academy Roofing project manager, said "Particular attention to fully compliant construction practices, careful selection of LEED Certified materials and proper waste disposal was conducted to satisfy all strict LEED requirements." The project demands included unique flashings details, raised skylight section areas and custom designed A-framed roof sections with skylights.
Project Team
General contractor: Bread Loaf Corp.
Architect: Jan Becker, Bread Loaf Corp.
Project superintendent: Joe Lattuca, Bread Loaf Corp.
Project manager: Bob Eaton, Bread Loaf Corp.
Roofing contractor: Academy Roofing Corp.
Academy Roofing Project Manger: Darryl Michaud
Owner: Hypertherm Co.
The LEED Certified new roof construction included 1,700 s/f, mechanically fastened TPO membrane, vapor barrier, Polyiso insulation, tapered insulation, min. 4" thickness, with complete tapered roof insulation systems, tapered crickets and scuppers for positive slope drainage. The system included a metal deck and FSC wood, curb and blocking materials.
Only LEED Certified materials, fire retardant membranes and insulations, were utilized to complete the project and strict adherence to LEED requirements during all phases of construction. Academy provided complete and thorough LEED documentation at every step for certification.
The new roof installation presented difficult challenges due to the amount of varying roof surface installed and time of year for construction. Safety was imperative on this project with respect to winter weather roofing considerations. And very tight schedule to get phases complete, while orchestrating work with other trades to achieve project goals.
Overhead crane work, steel work, and protection of open edges of the building were required during construction at the high traffic job site.
Academy provided design expertise regarding the architectural details of the varied roof sections, including custom fabrication of roof system components. The roof installation required air barriers and intricate flashing details to accommodate waterproofing of the HVAC units and numerous skylights.


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