Acella Const. completes 2,000 s/f Row House at 25 Lovejoy Wharf

October 18, 2019 - Construction Design & Engineering



Boston, MA Acella Construction Corp. has completed Row House at Lovejoy Wharf, located at 25 Lovejoy Wharf.

The 2,000 s/f boutique indoor rowing studio, complete with restrooms, two showers and a lobby/retail area, is located in the booming Lovejoy Wharf; the 15-story residential property overlooks Boston Harbor.  It is the first Boston location of the indoor rowing franchise which was founded in 2014 in New York.  

Specialty doors and insulation, double wall construction and Superior Performance Surfacing athletic flooring were required throughout the Row House, as it was necessary to create a soundproof studio due to the location of adjacent residential rental units.

Row House at Lovejoy Wharf is one of several fitness-oriented projects completed by Acella Construction.

“As a result of consumer demand, an increasing number of fitness construction concepts are being introduced,” said Ryan LaVangie, vice president of sales and marketing at Acella Const.  “We’re pleased to be a leader in bringing these models to fruition.”

“We’re so excited to come to Boston, and are so grateful to Acella Construction for their beautiful work and commitment to making this happen,” said Gyee O’Malley, Boston area developer for Row House.  “We had some unforeseen issues come up on our end during the project, and Acella was fantastic about communicating, working together, and determining solutions that kept us on schedule.”

Sam Koonce and Ben Revelson of Atlantic Retail brokered the transaction between Row House and Lovejoy Wharf landlord Related Beal.

Rowers work in synchronized motion in a team-oriented contemporary space where the walls are emblazoned with empowering messages, such as “further together” and “be your strongest.”  Lights are turned low in contrast to music selected to motivate each rower to do their personal and team best.

The low impact 45-minute workout is designed to build muscle, burn calories and strengthen rowers’ cores, blending low-impact cardio, resistance training, stretching and rhythm-based rowing.



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