ASM has been busy this spring - planning events and programming for our members

May 19, 2023 - Construction Design & Engineering
Jim Welch

ASM has been busy this spring as we plan events and programming for our members. We recently hosted a Safety Roundtable focused on the OSHA Stand Down and Fall Prevention campaign presented by OSHA. We also hosted our first “Lunch and Learn Webinar” on surety bonds. This is a new initiative for ASM, and these webinars will be for members only. 

Our annual golf tournament is inching closer as it takes place on July 13 at Pine Hills in Plymouth. There are still openings for golfers and sponsors for this event, an integral fundraiser for the ASM scholarship program.

On the legislative front, the State House budget season enters full steam. The House of Representatives recently concluded debate on their proposed $56 billion budget. Members filed many amendments to increase or, in some cases, decrease funding to programs across the state. 

This month, the Senate will undergo the same process as the House. They will unveil their proposed budget, and members can file amendments to add or subtract from the original Senate proposal. The Senate will usually hold its budget debate a week before Memorial Day. 

As expected, both the House and the Senate will have final proposals that will be similar but not the same. Since the House and Senate must send an agreed proposal to governor Healey for her review, a conference committee will be formed to iron out any differences between the two proposals. The conference committee will consist of six members, three from the House and three from the Senate. This negotiation process may take several weeks to complete, to send a final proposal to the governor by the end of June.

The proposal is then sent to the governor for review and possible vetoes and amendments. The sections of the budget that are not vetoed or amended become law. Any section vetoed or amended by the governor is sent back to the House and Senate for review and possible override. Should a veto override be proposed, it must garner a two-thirds vote in both the House and Senate to be successful.

ASM is watching this process closely with our friends from the Suffolk Group, representing us at the State House. We are fortunate to have such seasoned and respected lobbyists representing our priorities through this process and all legislative matters. We will advocate for investments in public construction projects and any proposed policy changes that could affect our member companies.

If your company is not a member of ASM yet and wants to learn how membership in the state’s leading association for specialty contractors will benefit your company, feel free to reach out.

Jim Welch is the CEO/executive director of the Associated Subcontractors of Mass., Boston.



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