Aspen Aerogels expanding manufacturing facility

October 20, 2014 - Rhode Island

James Moran, City of East Providence

A robust economy is of course, based on a diverse mix of commercial and industrial uses. Everything from the small corner retail store to the largest manufacturer, play an important role in growing our local and regional economy. Certainly, we must not forget that supporting and promoting the small business community is important and it is their contribution in the form of jobs and local investment that plays a significant role in supporting a vigorous and expanding economy. It is important not to forget that these small businesses are the foundation of our local economies.
With that said, it is also important to celebrate the success of larger companies in our community and the prosperity that significant investment can bring, both in the form of new job creation and tax revenues generated through a significant facility expansion. A recent press release from Northbridge Massachusetts based Aspen Aerogels announced the expansion to the company's existing 150,000 s/f manufacturing facility in East Providence. The company is a producer of energy-efficient insulation products and is in the process of spending $30 million to expand its East Providence manufacturing plant. The project is the first step in Aspen's long-term strategy to expand production capacity, as the project, called "line 3," will increase the facility's capacity by 25% in order to meet growing customer demand. The company manufactures its Cryogel, Pyrogel and Spaceloft products in East Providence and their products are used mainly in large-scale energy infrastructure facilities.
According to the company's press release, Jeffrey Ball, Aspen's vice president of engineering, stated that the expansion project is "the fastest and most efficient path to additional top-and bottom-line growth." The expansion will also lead to the hiring of more production operators at the facility. Construction at the plant has already created jobs for local contractors, steel workers, concrete workers and machine operators. Improvements include upgrades to the facility's fluid handling systems, sewer connection utilities and air flow and waste collection systems upgrades in accordance with applicable environmental, health and safety regulations. Aspen's line 3 expansion is expected to be completed by June, 2015.
The city is pleased and excited to celebrate this investment in our community and looks forward to the continued success of this important high technology manufacturer.
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James Moran is the economic planner for East Providence, R.I.


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