Atlantic Mechanical used this time in history for expansion - by Joe Gratta

April 08, 2022 - Spotlights
Joe Gratta

During the last two years of a global pandemic, while many businesses cut back or shut down to survive, Atlantic Mechanical Contractors took a different path and used this time in history for expansion. We bolstered both our in-house staff and our field personnel. We grew our fleet of vehicles and expanded our territory. We also used this time to provide more and better training for our people, updated our operating systems and purchased new technology to streamline our overall operations, all while in the process of updating our offices and shop. Our work tickets include web links to photos and videos along with the write up of the findings from the technician, all to enhance the customer experience.

In this era of supply issues, we have worked with our suppliers to ensure better supply chains as well as increased and better product lines. As a result of this, we can generally obtain parts, products and other supplies quicker than some others.

We worked diligently with our restaurant and hospitality clients to keep them operating during a very difficult period and grew our indoor air quality operations, assembling a dedicated IAQ team. We brought in new product lines and were in constant contact with our customers regarding ever-evolving regulations to keep our clients as safe as possible.

With the release of new utility company rebate programs, we have worked with our customers to produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebates along with lowering their energy costs. We have capitalized on the most cutting-edge technology and use the most environmentally friendly products and practices, which earned us high marks with the energy consortiums.

Customers who rely on our maintenance programs enjoy piece of mind when it comes to cleanliness, efficiency and reduced service calls. We identify issues before they become problems and present them to the customer in a format which spells everything out.

Atlantic Mechanical is also a proven force in the cannabis industry. We have earned our way as a top performer and the contractor of choice for many companies within this industry. We have the references available to back this up.

We understand the cannabis business as well as the demands of growth facilities, the importance of choosing the appropriate equipment. We have teamed up with many of the most important minds and suppliers of specialized products in the growth industry and have a supply chain which is second to none.

Our maintenance plans for cannabis are tailored specifically for growth facilities and include all necessary tasks and practices for the needs of growers.

In addition to constructing and maintaining growth facilities, the application engineers at Atlantic Mechanical have been creatively solving heating, cooling humidification and airflow challenges as well as odor mitigation for numerous facilities throughout Mass. and R.I.

Having our touch at your facility can increase your yield and extend the life of your equipment while keeping utility bills under control.

Joe Gratta is the chief executive officer at Atlantic Mechanical Contractors, Weymouth, Mass.



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