Brattle Square Florist in Harvard Sq. Cambridge will now remain open

February 25, 2022 - Retail

Cambridge, MA The announcement that Brattle Square Florist would be closing on January 31st led to an outpouring of support from its customers and the community. Moved by that outpouring, Stephen Zedros–the longtime manager at Brattle Square Florist–put plans in place to take over the business and maintain operations without interruption starting February 1st. “I’ve had customers reflect on how their parents and grandparents bought flowers at the store, and they wished their children would be able to do the same. Those traditions, as well as my own family’s traditions, will now live on,” said Zedros.

The store will maintain its legacy in Harvard Sq., as it will continue operating at 31 Brattle St. into March, when it will relocate steps away to 52 Brattle St. Zedros said, “Brattle Square Florist has been operating in Harvard Sq. for over 100 years and I’m planning to lay the foundation for the next 100 years.”

In 1917, the Gomatos brothers, grandparents of Zedros, opened Gomatos Brothers Fresh Produce. Its thriving floral business led them to create Brattle Square Florist. As a boy, he assisted his mother and uncle at the shop, and fell in love with the business. “Connecting with the customers and helping them through life’s biggest milestones makes the store so special,” said Zedros.

Throughout the decades, the family were beloved members of the community–assisting local families, thriving businesses, and passers-by from all walks of life with orders and being part of multi-generational celebrations. “Returning Brattle Square Florist to my family is a dream come true,” said Zedros. “The energy of the Square keeps me going and being able to watch as my clients grow up with families of their own is one of my favorite aspects of running this shop. I want to thank everyone for their ongoing support and I look forward to making many more memories in the years to come.”




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