Timberguy Reclaimed Wood Furniture exhibit - August 11

Boston, MA  John Dickey, owner of Timberguy Reclaimed Wood Furniture and the "custodian" of the remnants from the seaport shipwreck discovered in Boston in May of 2016, is preparing a special exhibit on Friday, August 11 at District Hall, 75 Northern Ave. It's just 500 feet from where the ship was discovered! Our team has produced a number of pieces of furniture which will be on display. In addition, the keel, keelson, floor, hull planking, futtocks, ceiling boards, staves and lids from the lime barrels, mast steps, a large portion of the hull, and the only extant knee as well as 100s of small artifacts from the ship itself will all be viewable during the event.

The event is free to the public and runs from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm. We will give away one of the hull planks, and will have craftsmen on hand to answer questions. We plan to have a slide show detailing the discovery, disassembly process, and fabrication methods, as well as a round table discussion about identifying the ship. This event is sponsored solely by seaportshipwreck.com and its parent company, Timberguy Reclaimed Wood Furniture.

For more information contact, John Dickey of Timberguy Reclaimed Wood Furniture, at 978-944-4470 or email [email protected]