IFMA webinar - January 23

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

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Do you wear a Fitbit or an Apple Watch? Can your fridge “tell” you when it needs a filter changed? Have you ever turned on the lights in your home using your phone when you’re miles away? Does Alexa know your favorite musical playlist—and make appropriate recommendations based on what you like?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you’re already familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT), even if you’re not familiar with the label. And yes, “the IoT” might sound like jargon or a trendy acronym, but the reality is we’re living it every day.

At its simplest, the Internet of Things is all about connected devices and the data derived from those connections. These devices and systems can even tell us when they’re getting sick. In fact, predictive analytics are one of the IoT’s biggest selling points, since they empower us to address potential problems before they turn into catastrophic and costly failures.

The Internet of Things is present in all aspects of our lives, including the buildings we manage. While it’s easy to think the IoT is mostly consumer-driven, it also plays a role in business—a big one, in fact. According to research from Gartner, business IoT spending will represent 57% of overall IoT spending this year. In terms of hardware spending, we’re talking $964 billion.

So for FMs who aren’t as familiar with the IoT, we guarantee you’ll be hearing more and more about the Internet of Things and Building Internet of Things (BIoT) in the coming months and years. So please join us for this interactive webinar with a panelists from both sides of the table to discuss the whats, the hows and the whys to IoT.  Each attendee will receive a copy of our new white paper: The Internet of Things & The Workplace: Why FMs and IT Departments Must Collaborate (& Tips for Making It Happen), which is otherwise only available to members.

Learning Objectives:
Understanding what the Internet of Things is and how it is being incorporated into the workplace.
Understand how IoT can help Facility Management and building operations.
Understand the relationship between Facility Management and IT as it relates to implementing IoT.
Overview of the investment for IoT and the typical barriers to implementation.

Core Competencies Addressed:
Operations & Maintenance
Real Estate & Property Management

Manak Ahluwalia, Aqueduct Technologies
Andrew Delprete, Liberty Mutual
Brycen Spencer, Siemens
Matthew Soares, Akamai Technologies

Cancellation Policy
If you won’t be able to make the event, please cancel your registration no less than 24 hours prior to the event to avoid a no show fee.