Calle family acquires Jack’s Outback II
in $1.075m sale

February 23, 2024 - Retail

Yarmouth Port, MA Agent Aaron Webb, owner and operator of the Daily Paper, has orchestrated the sale of Jack’s Outback II for its asking price of $1.075 million.

This breakfast and lunch institution, owned by Dona Baratta for the past 20 years, will continue its legacy under the new ownership of Luis Calle and his family.

Webb facilitated a seamless transition, ensuring the preservation of the establishment’s charm and culinary traditions.

The encompassing real estate included in the sale of Jack’s Outback II presents a Cape Cod setting at 161 Main St. Rte. 6A. This classic “Cape Cod” building, adorned with white clapboard siding, a sunlight vestibule, and dark green accents, exudes timeless charm. The dining space, permitted for 54 seats, offers a warm and inviting ambiance, featuring standalone tables and booths beneath a vaulted ceiling, with large windows and French doors that usher in natural light. The property further comprises an additional one-bedroom, one-bath owner’s quarters on the second floor.

The retirement announcement from Baratta on Facebook marked the end of an era. She expressed gratitude to patrons, supporters, and friends: “My emotions are all over the board, but most of all I’m grateful to all of you for your patronage, your support, and your friendship. The past 20 years have been successful, fun, hard at times, but most of all full of love. Thank you for being a part of it.” The post resonated with loyal customers, who flooded the comments section with best wishes and expressions of support.

Baratta, was represented by Samuel Crowell, Esq., ensuring a fair negotiation process. On the buyer’s side, Luis Calle and family were represented by Steven Pizzuti, Esq., who navigated the legal intricacies of the transaction.

The baton has been passed to Luis Calle and family, who have not only acquired the property but also expressed their commitment to maintaining Jack’s Outback II’s cherished traditions. The Calle family intends to run the establishment exactly as it has been, ensuring that the community can continue to enjoy the same dishes made with locally sourced ingredients in the inviting atmosphere that has been a hallmark of Jack’s Outback II.



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