Celebrating 10 years in the auction industry: Our most valuable asset, are our clients - by Marianne Sullivan

May 26, 2017 - Spotlights
Marianne Sullivan,
Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers

Celebrating our 10th year in the auction industry we revel in our successes and reflect upon how our services have evolved over the years. As always, our specialty, our single focus, remains marketing and auctioning residential, commercial, and industrial real estate for our clients.  Our service, responsiveness and proactive approach toward technology along with our presence in the industry are vital to maintaining a portfolio of satisfied clients and long-term client relations. Our service is centered on our clients, our most valuable asset.

From the beginning, our client sources have been attorneys, lenders, banks and the like. We have been successfully selling foreclosed and distressed properties for these clients for the past 10 years. Our clients’ needs have grown and continue to change. Fundamental to our success has been our ability to apply cordial business principles and sound auction practices to many different clients and their particular scenarios. Adjusting to the ever-changing needs and demands of our customers and the marketplace is essential. To remain successful, we have become quick and innovative leaders in our industry. We work diligently to stay ahead of the game, concentrating on the client experience. A happy client doesn’t mean our work is done; our main goal is to continue improving upon our service.

Three years ago we began serving municipalities and their very distinctive auction needs for Tax Possession Properties. Municipal auctions are a very unique opportunity for municipalities and investors alike. Understanding the intricacies of Tax Possession Property Auctions is crucial to service the client properly. Municipal clients have come to rely on our auction expertise and thorough approach of guiding them through the auction process. Some of our most experienced and long-serving municipal clients have never brought tax possession properties to auction. After steering these clients through our auction process they are very comfortable and prepared to schedule the next! Beginning with just one municipal client in 2013, our municipal client list has grown tremendously to include a multitude of cities and towns in Massachusetts. In the months of May and June alone, we are conducting eight tax possession auctions for eight different cities and towns in Massachusetts. 

The increase in our municipal client roster is evidence of our commitment to the service we provide. In a short period of time, we have developed steadfast relationships with and continue to build upon these relationships while establishing new connections. We are looking forward to our fourth consecutive year exhibiting at the annual Massachusetts Treasurers and Collectors Association Conference. The conference which takes place in June is an opportunity to gather with past, current clients and introduce ourselves to prospective clients.

After a decade in the business, technology standards have changed. We are using technology to improve our clients’ overall experience. Meeting our clients’ technological needs means more than email accessibility and mobile communication. Our customized solutions and practices are unparalleled in the real estate auction industry. Combined with creativity and flexibility, we have enhanced our technological relevance and service offerings. Our next-generation Web presence and technology incorporates customized solutions and the creative use of the internet for marketing development and implementation. We were once the only auctioneer to offer a mobile app. Now, our state-of-the-art website is modern, easy to navigate and mobile ready for bidders who require on-the-go access from any mobile device. Clear and concise, our auction listings are updated immediately with postponements or cancelations. Our subscribers have the ability to follow and receive notifications or updates to a particular auction or multiple auctions. For municipal clients, our easy electronic registration allows us to capture and securely transfer bidder information to produce and print accurate Purchase & Sale agreements electronically onsite. For municipalities that would like to extend their auction reach to clients who are unable to attend onsite, we offer simulcast online bidding. From a technological standpoint, we are far above industry standards and capabilities. Forward-thinking solutions have been implemented with our clients in mind.

With 30 years of experience in the auction industry, I am very pleased with Sullivan & Sullivan’s performance over the last 10 years. Our auction calendar is constantly in motion, flowing with a steady stream of property auctions of all types. At Sullivan & Sullivan, there is no “standard procedure” as we handle each and every client, each and every auction with care. We strive for compete and total satisfaction each and every time. We have diversified by focusing on what our clients need. Our business has grown as a result. With every added service offering we pledge top quality performance. Our client is the core of our business and our dedication to client service distinguishes our position in the industry.

Marianne Sullivan is president of Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, Sandwich, Mass.



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